i’m going to nashville next weekenddddddddd

kristofferson-fox said: what’s bad about it?

its not totally terrible, i just mostly had trouble updating it b/c i still have a 4s.. had to reload all of my stuff and everything. it probably would be better if i had a 5 b/c its kinda slow on mine. but besides that, i don’t like the way they’ve changed the photos app.. like, there’s no camera roll with all your photos. there’s a “recently added” album that has the last 30 days of stuff and then the different views for like years/collections/moments like the ios7. oh and there’s a “recently deleted” album that keeps deleted photos for 30 days. 

also the predictive text thing on the keyboard was really annoying so i turned it off. and i don’t like the way you can send voice messages through imessage, the microphone is in a really inconvenient spot and its just a feature i’d never use

and they made the background on the control panel (the one where you swipe up and access wifi, flashlight, etc) more opaque/white and i prefer the old look.

there’s more pointless apps i’ll never use that i can’t delete like the health one, tips, ibooks, etc… into the Crapple folder they go..

but i do like that you can go to your messages and see every single photo that has been sent in a thread, that’s cool. and you can change your options to keep messages for only 30 days instead of forever if you want. and the battery usage thing tells you how much battery each of your apps is using. 

and i’m about to try out this customizable keyboard thing w/ swiftkey and see how it goes.

its not a terrible update but i would like it better if my phone wasn’t so old and once i get used to some of the features!





I was so sleep deprived the other day that I tried to zoom in on a paper

wtf I just made that post

oh wait that is my post

I havent slept in 2 days



Holy fuck



*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what


*swirls $6.99 wine*

i miss chile so much

someone should’ve warned me not to upgrade to ios8, this was a bad idea. can’t wait until my upgrade i want a galaxy

the new alt j album is fantastic

watching brother bear on netflix instead of going out and drinking with my class.

am i 7 yrs old again?

had my last exams of the first round of blocks today. finally got to chill for the entire afternoon and even take a nap and get in a 5 mile run and it’s still only 7:30! everyone is going out tonight to celebrate but i can’t decide if i want to go out or to stay in bed and watch netflix