okay i need help making a decision.

parking passes for the year are $264. (crazy expensive) this lets me park at the football stadium and then i have to take the med center shuttle to the hospital and then walk through the hospital to get to the pharm building. approximate commute time would be 30 mins. so do i spent $264 on a parking pass or do i buy a bike and ride every day that i can? i only live 3.5 miles from campus so a bike ride would probably be 20 mins at the most, and a good way to make sure i keep active for at least a little bit each day. i can drive and park at my church for free on the days its cold or raining and then i can take a little walk to catch a different bus. I would do this normally instead of buying a pass but this route is slightly more inconvenient than the football stadium/med center shuttle… but it might be worth doing every day even without a bike to save $264..

but i don’t know what to do or where to get a decent bike for cheap, plus i’m a noob and riding as a commuter like around cars and stuff kinda scares me but i’d get used to it after a few days.

plus i’ve always wanted a bike b/c i haven’t had one since i was like 12 and it would be a good reason to get one

i need to read more books and watch less netflix

guys i just ran 8 miles. that’s the furthest i’ve ever gone


i wont rest until ive complained about everything

i found two really adorable cats up for adoption today. one is named nubbs and he got hit by a car and lost one of his legs. the other is named sunny and he’s orange and lost one of his eyes and i want them both omg they’re soooo cute :3

When you feel bae’s not close enough